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InMobi has launched a new interactive, context-aware video ad platform, which enables advertisers, brands and developers to create immersive mobile ads for consumers.


Mobile video is growing rapidly, with users viewing TV and/ or video on their device at least once a month – more than doubling from 20 per cent in April 2012 to over 41 per cent in January 2013.


InMobi’s new tool aims to increase consumer engagement by up to fivefold compared with other formats and media, by combining a mobile’s ability to play video, its interactivity, proximity to the user, and ability to identify the current context.


The global pilot program rolled out to nine app developers in gaming, music and entertainment saw the platform deliver 200 million video views, plus almost 60,000 conversions.


Brands will be able to leverage the multiple advanced video formats from InMobi such as:


Interactive Canvas which overlays interactive content on the display allowing advertisers or brands to enhance the video ad by introducing clickable windows, call-to-action buttons increasing interaction rate.


Video SmartAds mean consumers can receive contectually relevant ads based on external feeds like location, weather and live data like stock market feeds.


Video Continuum identifies and re-targets consumers by playing ads from a preset video series.


Form Capture better understands consumer preferences through customised questions or triggers that appear during the video ad, leading to more relevant retargeting.


Greg Stuart, chief executive at the Mobile Marketing Association, said: “It is great to see this type of innovation in mobile, furthering the rich consumer engagement that brands can leverage.”


Piyush Shah, VP of products at InMobi, commented: “Our video offerings span multiple video ad formats, award-winning creative and deep analytics, all leveraging our big data capabilities targeted at delivering a theatre-like experience to consumers.”


InMobi also recently launched native ads to let developers deliver a better quality ad to consumers.

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